Things you didn’t know about Polish-Jewish history!

Poles and Jews have shared over a thousand years of history. Poland was one of the most tolerant countries on Earth! That’s why people called Poland a “paradise for Jews”. (…) On September 1, 1939, Poland was attacked by Nazi Germany and on September 17 of that same year, it was attacked by Communist Russia… Nazi Germany began the liquidation of the Jewish people in occupied Poland. Despite the fact that Poland was the only country in which the death penalty for helping Jews was imposed by the Germans, it was here that ŻEGOTA, the only secret organization in the world aiding Jews, was created by the Polish underground state. Poles saved more Jews than any other nation in the world. We saved between 100-150 thousand Jews. Furthermore, 1 million Poles were involved in helping Jews. Among those who have been awarded the medal “Righteous Among the Nations”, Poles are the most numerous.

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